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Umamu Logo - The Smiling Hand - La Mano che Sorride © Dino Olivieri

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Walking on the Top - Dino Olivieri -Auto Vexel Art and AlgorithmsAre you a vector artist?
Do you wish to produce a movie like “A Scanner Darkly“?
Do you know the term “rotoshop“?
Do you know  what vexel means?

Right! if your answers are all yes, here is a place you have to visit:


In this amazing website, many different illustrators shows their galleries of vector art and vexelization works.

PS: The picture for this article is an image vexelled automatically by a little algorithm written by me. The result is not perfect as an handmade job, but i think it’s very interesting (because auto).

Well, in further articles i will show this technique, so stay tuned… 


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