Liberate il Wi-Max / WiMax Free ! Firmate la Petizione Online!

 Prima di tutto andate leggete, firmate e diffondete il verbo riguardo la petizione per liberare il Wi-Max in Italia:

Liberate il Wi-Max / WiMax Free !2007, Italy. Ehi World, here we have a problem.
Ok, i’m wrong, here in Italy we have a lot of problems, especially if we talk about media, communication technologies, anti-trust, market sharing, etc…

At the moment we have a big biG BIG problem with Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX.
The Italian Government seems want to make this “BORN TO BE FREE” technologies at the service of the fat-well-known mobile-phone corporations instead of the italian people. The sad story is more sad because the European Council seems don’t want to be helpful to clarify this anti-democratic situation.
So! Always the same story: too much political pressures (also money involved) from the fat-well-known communication corps.

Ok, if you want to get some more information please visit one of the more active italian web-sites clicking on the following links: Wi-MaxWiMax


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