Sql Server Agent – How to Test Job Execution Status

Running RobotHave you some Sql Server Agent job you want to test the execution status?

EXEC msdb..sp_help_job
@job_name = 'InfiniteLoop',
@job_aspect = N'job'

The result set includes a column called current_execution_status, but you might not know how to interpret the column values because SQL Server Books Online (BOL) doesn’t document them.
However, you can learn a lot by directly reading stored-procedure code. The parameter-declaration section of sp_help_job, as shown below, tells you how to interpret the value of current_execution_status:

  • @execution_status INT = NULL,
  • — 1 = Executing,
  • — 2 = Waiting For Thread,
  • — 3 = Between Retries,
  • — 4 = Idle,
  • — 5 = Suspended,
  • — 6 = [obsolete],
  • — 7 = PerformingCompletion
  • — Actions

For example, a job that’s running will have a value of 1; values 2 and 3 show that the job has started but isn’t executing commands.
Now, you can pass the result set to your program by using the syntax:


which stores sp_help_job’s output in a table. . . .


Set JAVA_HOME in Microsoft Windows systems

Bye Duke and set JAVA_HOMETo set correctly JAVA_HOME in Windows 2000, XP, 2003 (and also Vista) systems follow this instructions:

1. Right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and select properties
2. Click the Advanced Tab
3. Click the Environment Variables button
4. Click New
5. Enter JAVA_HOME as the variable name and the directory where you installed JAVA (for example: C:\Programmi\Java\jdk1.5.0_07).

Note: if path has blank spaces enclose it between double-quotes (example: “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_07” )

Add in the Environment Variables PATH the path to the bin directory of JAVA_HOME, example:

Ah! i forgot- don’t forget to restart… i don’t remember if it’s needed, but for sure it is not a bad thing!

Perverse fantasie sulle meteore killer del 2017 e del 2041

Meteor Killer Catastrophe 2017 2041Quante volte avete letto su giornali, quotidiani, settimanali, mensili o sentito per radio o visto in tv di meteore che arco qualche manciata di anni cadranno pesantemente sui nostri duri testoni per spazzare via la nostra primitiva civiltà in un grande rutilante cataclisma istantaneo?
Molte volte, ne sono sicuro.
Dunque premesso che nessun macho-macho-man alla Bruce Willis a bordo di qualche catorcio di Shuttle armato di puerili bombettine atomiche potrebbe salvarci, forse a farlo saranno un paio di numeretti abbastanza eloquenti… Continue reading “Perverse fantasie sulle meteore killer del 2017 e del 2041”

Starlight 2001 MP3 on iCompositions.com

Starlight 2001 by Onyrix y el Capitan J.RoblesHi dance maniacs!
Here i am to say that Starlight 2001 by Onyrix y el Capitan J.Robles is on iCompositions.com

I’m evaluating this new independent musician social portal, and even if i consider it not so powerful as GarageBand.com i find in iCompositions.com some interesting elements like contributes, sound libraries, and many other things electronic musicians will surely appreciate.

Here is my artist page:


Here is the song page:



Torino Flash Festival 6 – 2007

6° Torino Falsh Festival - 2007The competition (registration is free) is intended for Italian and foreign artists and comprises two Theme-based Sections: Animations freed from the web, dedicated to vectorial Flash animations or graphic videos lasting not more than 5 minutes and on any subject, and 2007 interArt dedicated to interactive graphics and web sites: in previous editions, the aim was to free animations from the web, i.e. make the artistic dimension of Flash language accessible to everyone. However, now that the web no longer entangles, is more fluid, our points of view have also changed. In this edition we open the doors of the festival also at the interactive works introducing the InterART category. In fact, while the first category will embrace mixed technique (pixel-vectorial) Flash animations, without any restrictions on content (narrative, poetry, graphics), but without interactive contents, the second category will concern in particular non-narrative Flash production, experimental works with a high interactive content. Standalone videos and web sites can participate. A set of workstations, monitor-mouse-computer, that can be used by the public will be set up in order to create a collective, induced and casual performance. […]

More info and registration:


Change users login after a SqlServer 2000 Restore or a Detach Attach

SqlServer 2000Problem:
You make a SqlServer 2000 DB backup from server A.
You need to restore it on server B.
In alternative suppose you detach a DB from server A to attach it on server B (copying the MDF, NDF and LDF files).

After the restoration, what you get at 99% is that to the DB users do not correspond any security LOGIN.
So you have to rebuild this lost link…

First of all get a report of the unlinked users logins:

sp_change_users_login 'report'

If there is an old login that gives you problems, delete it.
Then (re)create the login you need.
Then link the new login with users using the following stored procedure:
Here the syntax:

EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Update_One', 'username',